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Show Me Fabrication Inc.
29723 E Hwy 50
Sedalia, MO 65301

660-827-3240 (phone)
660-827-3242 (fax)

About Us

Show Me Fabrication Incorporated is located in the central Missouri area. We are backed by years of experience in trailer manufacturing, with over 25 years manufacturing concession trailers and equipment.

Show Me Fabrication specializes in the manufacturing of concession trailers, ticket booths, Funhouses and Glasshouses that are used in fairs, carnivals, festivals, amusement parks, and sporting events throughout the United States and World.

Each unit is custom designed and built to fit the needs and wants of customers and always with an eye on affordability. Units can be designed and built as a shell, or as elaborate as a customer wishes. All units can be designed to handle any specific requirements and all units are designed for easy set-up, disassembly, and transportation.

Show Me Fabrication is located just east of Sedalia, Missouri on Highway 50.